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Branded as the biggest small town in America, San Antonio is located in the heart of Texas, the seventh largest city in the US (with a population of more than 1.1 million residents) and hosts over 26 million visitors per year. The town is filled with culturally significant arts, history, museums, architecture, major theme parks, the Alamo, the River Walk lined with restaurants, patios, galleries, and one of the fastest growing medical communities. San Antonio offers something for every way of life as well as being less than 90 miles from the Capital of Texas, gulf coast, Mexico, Texas hill country, and surrounded by numerous rivers and lakes.

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Nestled in the center of Texas is the beautiful hill country town of New Braunfels. This German settlement is home to 50,000 year-round residents and is located only a short drive between Austin and San Antonio. New Braunfels has superbly intermingled historical charm, small town values, a viable commerce and medical community, competitive school systems, museums, arts, restaurants, bars, festivals, the world’s largest water park, with many other attractions. Bordered by lakes it is often best known for spending a lazy day floating along one of the two rivers that run through the center of town. In New Braunfels ist das Leben schön. Visit New Braunfels online here.

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